Mei’s Couture discontinued! Team Wifey New Project!

To my dear followers,

It is nearly 2am as I am typing away here. I have decided to discontinue Mei’s Couture blog.

I have started a new fashion and lifestyle blog with my amazing fiancee called “Team Wifey”.This is a new project we have started together that details our journey in Sydney as Team Wifey.

You will be able to still continue to read my journey and see our outfits whilst witnessing our new, exciting adventures in Sydney :).

Check out our Team Wifey fashion and lifestyle blog on:


Team Wifey Instagram page


Love Mei xoxo


2016 the Big Year! Happy New Year!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

Happy New Year! May year 2016 be a big year for you all that provides you with happiness and success!

Speaking of a big year.. I have been quite busy in the last few months as my fiancee and I resigned from our roles in Melbourne for a new change of scenery. We have moved to Sydney permanently so i can pursue studying Diploma of Fashion Design and Technology at Tafe full time. Yay! Can’t wait to study!

We are enjoying the lovely sunshine weather and just exploring the suburbs, markets, events and different shopping centres.

Stay tuned to see further updates on my progress in enrolling and all the new places we will be exploring whilst in Sydney.

Love Mei xoxo


Fun With Floral Outfit

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

Hope you all are having a lovely Monday! As you all know I was in Sydney for two weeks with my fiancee for a road trip holiday.

It is not a holiday till you do a bit of clothes shopping. I am here to share with you my latest purchase.

I call this outfit “Fun With Floral”



Fun With Floral outfit consists of:

  • Fedora summer hat
  • White loose collar Gap top (its so comfy)
  • Floral printed Gap shorts
  • Beige sandals

I decided to wear the beige sandals to have the floral print stand out in the shorts. The aim is for people to notice the fun print on the shorts and to keep the outfit simple. Not to mention the shorts look  fun as if  I am ready to walk down the beach!


My partner and I decided to take these photos at Fitzroy as there is amazing street art!  (Thank you to my partner for been my photographer). Each time you turn left or right you will see walls full of street art and even in the parking lot. As shown in the  image above and below. Just amazing!

Blog Photo 1

Hope you all enjoy the “Fun with Floral Outfit” and the new layout /design of  my blog. Please feel free to leave comments.


Love Mei xoxo

Sydney! – Lovely food and weather!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

It has been a while since i have written in my blog! As you all know I have been away on a road trip with my partner to Sydney. It was a 12 hour road trip consisting of taking turns in driving to get to our destination.

I had a lovely time in Sydney enjoying the lovely sunshine which meant lots of eating, drinking and checking out the beaches and food and design markets.

This is me at the Night Noodle Market at Hyde Park (I felt like a little kid again as I saw the cute panda on the balloon). 12108999_1728113644083542_4161391498416843_n

Young Coconut juice (My favourite)!!12108801_1728113714083535_7136543904488424807_n

One of the fun stops in Sydney is Chippendale Brewery Yard Market. The market consisted of various food stands and design stands.  12074594_1730747240486849_5697772264840163397_n

Surprisingly we found a good few cafes that made lovely coffee!20151018_112104_resized

As the day had a chance of rain I decided to wear jeans, stripey top and brignt orange sandals for comfort. I have noticed that when I am on holiday I tend to take a more casual approach. 20151018_123231_resized

Each day as I was exploring Sydney, I found a number of quirky, artistic images. I name the below “Ladies behind bars” 12122945_10153112428406121_4488676379427848551_n

Artistic bright lights 12079183_10153112424001121_2932695031539818871_n

I found this awesome street art in Surrey Hills20151009_132900_resized

During the last few nights in Sydney we had to explore the beautiful beaches in Sydney. We drove to Palm Beach (Where Home and Away is filmed)12079332_10153110010966121_9033357949092271764_n

As the day was quite warm I decided to go for a casual look. A black single and long grey maxi skirt with Havainas thongs.11215092_1730320017196238_8860593245558963088_n

Overall, I had a lovely time in Sydney! Not to mention I did drink alot.. As you can see from the image below. Its not a holiday till you eat and drink as much as you can 🙂 12115853_1728931080668465_3192127166221446883_n

Hope you all enjoy the images

Love Mei xoxo

Road Trip to NSW

Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman,

I am on a holiday break as my partner and I are on a road trip to NSW from Melbourne ! 

When I return in two weeks I will start posting more on my blog 🙂

Stay tuned !

Love Mei xoxo 

Steptember Challenge and The Grey and Red Paddington Outfit

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

Can you believe it is already middle of September (Spring weather), time has flown by so quickly! There is 14 weeks till Christmas.

Speaking of September, each day during September 2 -September 29 my partner and friends are doing the Steptember Challenge as a team. The Steptember challenge consists of walking 10,000 steps each day (28 days) to raise money for people living with Cerebral Palsy.

To be honest it has been wonderful to walk 10,000 steps a day as it has been a great workout. 10000 steps

I enjoy walking during my lunch breaks to achieve the 10,000 steps as I am able to breathe the fresh air, look up and see what is happening in the city.

Nice to be away from the desk and see what is happening in the city. I walked pass a store and saw this beautiful collection of colored stones in this concrete box.


Looking up into the sky and just had to take this photo: IMG_9325

Not to mention who can forget the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) during the period 28 August – 4 September 2015. I walked into the MSFW Free Hub that is on Swanston Street during my lunch break. I did not have VIP access to sit and watch the runaway but I am just happy to have a look inside the area for the runway.

Unfortunately i did not get a chance to attend any of the MSFW runaway shows but have been keeping an eye on the runaway collection on instagram and facebook. The joys of social media!IMG_9303

Promotion for the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW). The colours are just beautifulIMG_9304

Today, I am sharing with you two new items of clothing my partner and i bought together.

We are the same size so it is fun to share clothes with your partner.

The Grey and Red Paddington Outfit 

The outfit consists of:

  • Esprit Grey Cotton Long Sleeve Dress with Metal Studs (NEW)
  • Black Butterfly Belt
  • Black thick striped stockings
  • Brown Ankle Boots
  • Uniqlo Red Paddington Outfit (NEW)
  • Monkey Oracle Necklace



The belt I found in my belt collection and I was thinking this is perfect to go with my outfit as it helps make the outfit look funky. A tip to everyone who has multiple belts try matching it with an outfit. A belt does wonders to your outfit!

The dress is great to wear when having drinks or dinner with friends. It can be dressed up or dressed down depending on what accessories and shoes you wear it with. Perfect for cold nights as the dress is long sleeve and the jacket is warm.

Hope you all enjoy the outfit

Love Mei xoxo

Danit Peleg – 3D Printed Clothes

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

I have been on a mini break for the last two weeks! I am back!

Since we are in the Year 2015 we rely heavily so much on technology. We see everyone using an Ipad, Kindle and mobile phone at the dinner table or on the train.

The reason I am mentioning about technology is a 3D Printing Machine has now been used by one designer to create clothes and shoes from her home.

I have been recently following the fashion designer Danit Peleg on Instagram and Facebook. Danit has been experimenting and researching new ways of creating fashion using 3D printing for one year as part of her graduate collection. I love new and unique designs and methods to create clothes (It is such an inspiration and eye opener to see).

Here are images to give you an insight into the 3D Printed Collection by Danit Peleg:

The Design:danit19

The Red Liberte Jacket design:danit8

The 3D Printing Machines:danit17

3D Printed Heels created by the 3D Printing Machines:danit18

Cutting and Gluing the 3D Printed Clothes:danit13


The Fabulous End Result:

The image below is the 5 looks she has created with 3D printing. Look at the detail in the dress! It looks as if it is lace and the material even bounces and is flexible it is amazing. I just love it!





Here are a few videos to watch.

  1. This video shows Danit Peleg explaining the 3D Printing Fashion: How she 3D-Printed Clothes at Home”

2. This next video is a by Wall Street Journal providing an insight of what Danit did to produce the above 5 look collection. You can see the models on the runaway in the 5 look collection:

Feel free to follow her on Facebook and Instagram! She is a wonderful, inspirational woman 🙂

Looks like we will be able to create our clothes from home in the near future with the below 3D Printing Machine!


Love Mei xoxo

David Bowie Exhibition at ACMI Centre

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

How are we all today? Are you all having a lovely weekend?

I wore the following outfit today as it is so cold here. Our cat was meowing alot as he wanted attention. So had to give him cuddles. He does not look too happy in this photo!

My outfit consists of:

  • Zara Orange Red V Neck Jumper
  • Zara Quilted Jacket
  • Levi Dark Blue Denim Jeans
  • Brown ankle Boots
  • Grey Cableknit Scarf
  • Geeky Purple glasses


My weekend started off with an Apple Danish and coffee at Laurent Bakery for breakfast.IMG_8936

Then after breakfast it was off to the ACMI Centre to attend the David Bowie Exhibition. As my fiancée and I were walking in the back streets of the CBD to get to the ACMI Centre we stumbled upon this artwork dedicated to “The Lion King”!.

For anyone walking around the city remember to look up into the building otherwise you will miss these type of wonderful artwork:)IMG_8978

We arrived at the ACMI centre with our tickets and was provided with a map of the exhibition and is provided with a pink/red card to redeem a free David Bowie album for Google Play by entering a code.IMG_8971

Before we entered the exhibition you will see this image of David Bowie! David is in a striped bodysuit for Aladdin Sane Tour 1973 it was designed by Kansai Yamamoto. Kansai is the genius behind David Bowie’s eye popping outfits! IMG_8939

David Bowie also had the following designers design his outfit (These images are from the internet):

  • Alexander McQueen -The Union Jack Coat

mcqueen_Union Jack Coat Design

  • Freddie Burretti- Ice Blue Suit

david blowie blue suit

  • Natasha Korniloff- Pierrott Costume

natasha Korniloff

I was unable to take photos of the costumes, records and images that were at the exhibition as it is forbidden.

I honestly have not listened to any of his music but I just went to see the exhibition as it looked interesting to see where he has his inspiration to write songs, co-design his outfits and his acting performances. I also enjoy attending exhibitions and museums for inspiration

If anyone is in Melbourne and wish to be out and about. I would highly recommend to attend the David Bowie Exhibition at ACMI Centre. Even if you do not listen to David Bowies music it is good to see his interviews and hear his music on the headphones that is provided for free with exhibition.

At the end of the exhibition i always enjoy seeing what is at the gift shops. The gift shop is promoting David Bowie so the shop has David Bowie T Shirts, Mugs, Vinyl Records and David Bowie hardcover and paperback book with images of David Bowie’s life. I saw this pillow at the ACMI Gift shop which i thought is awesome! It is Superman and Batman #LoveWins.  IMG_8977

My day ended with lunch at Shop Ramen in Collingwood!  As today is quite windy a great way to end the day is with a bowl of Ramen. I ordered Korean Doenjang beef brisket ramen that has Kimchi and peanuts and beanshoots in a Korean soy bean paste (Doenjang). It is delicious!


Would love to hear what everyone has been doing on their weekend:)

Love Mei xoxo

Rocking My New Edgy Haircut!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

As you all know I have been quite ill due to the cold weather but now I am feeling 100% better!

About two weeks ago, It has been 9 weeks since my last haircut. I advised my hairdresser I wanted to go shorter so my hairdresser decided to shave a square panel (number one) on the right side and have it shorter at the back of the hair.

Here is a close up of the shaved panel:


Front and back view of my edgy haircut (lighting is not that good):

punk side back and front

Left and right view of my edgy haircut (lighting is not good):

punk side left and right

Here is a close up photo of my new edgy haircut in better lighting.


So, what do you all think of my new haircut? I love it! I am enjoying rocking my new do!


Love Mei xoxo

Waistcoat Outfit = Snazzy!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

I have been in bed the last few days recovering from the cold. As i am feeling a bit better thought I would share with you my waistcoat outfit that I wear to work.

The waistcoat can be worn by a male or female to work, at black tie events, weddings (a 3 piece suit or tuxedo). It can even be worn with a t shirt as a casual look.

Tips for purchasing a Waistcoat

  • The importance of purchasing a proper fitting waistcoat is the length of the waistcoat. Always go to the store to try on the waistcoat and feel the fabric.
  • When purchasing a waistcoat please remember to buy a waistcoat that fully covers the entire waistband of the trouser and never let any shirt fabric show in between.
  • Trousers must also be sitting on the natural waist

When wearing a Waistcoat

  • The waistcoat is very tailored and is meant to sit very close to the body when worn.
  • I leave the last button of the waistcoat unfastened to allow more room at the hips for movement and sitting
  • At the back of the waistcoat there is an adjustable “cinch” at the back which you can loosen after a big meal or if you had a few too many drinks.

Waistcoat Outfit = Snazzy

My below waistcoat outfit consists of:

  • Rhodes and Beckett White Shirt
  • Grey Waistcoat
  • Marcs Grey Trousers
  • Patent Nude Heels


Hope my tips help you consider buying a waistcoat. It looks quite snazzy! Don’t you think?

Love Mei xoxo