My sketching station!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

Remember the $100 bet? Well here is the first look at my drawing station!.

I have been quite sick so whilst I was resting decided to get my act together and have my own area to sketch at home. To be honest I sketched in my room, I was too comfy that I always fell asleep

I have the following stationery shown in the image below to help assist me with my sketching:
1. Sharpened colour pencils
2. A4 sketch book
3. A3 scrap book with magazine clippings for ideas
4. Sketching books to help guide me when I get stuck on a certain drawing technique
5. HB pencil, sharpener, 30cm ruler
6. Scented candle to help relaxstation sketch

I know I am not suppose to draw the human body as I’m only suppose to be draw the garment. But, I thought it would be nice to practice in drawing the human body with the garment to see the end result.sketch body

So in short remember to have your own drawing station. Hope this gives you inspiration to start drawing.

Stay tuned to see the outfits I draw to win my $100 bet!

Love Mei xoxo

Rhodes and Beckett = Great Customer Service!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

Hope you are having a lovely week

As you know some of my corporate attire is from Rhodes and Beckett (as mentioned in my previous post titled “I must look amazing everyday”). I decided to send an email to R&B to provide them with feedback about the woman’s business shirts as I have the following issues:

1. Metal collar protector replaced with plastic tabs.

2. Extra button on bottom of shirt missing a buttonhole (embarrassing when having to tuck shirt into pants. Have to make sure the last button is not revealing creates a mini gap.

3. Third buttonhole near breast area gapes. It could be cause of my breasts but I have to sometimes pull at it to make sure my bra isn’t showing.

The R&B team replied to me very quickly and I am very impressed with the responses. Thought I would share with you the experience I received. Great thing is I can order metal stays as some of them are missing.

Will definitely keep on shopping with Rhodes and Beckett.

P.S. I put little xxxx’s in the R&B email address and name just for privacy reasons.




Dear Mei,

Thank-you very much for your email and your feedback.

Please see the below in response to your enquiries:

1. The metal tabs that keep the collar from been damaged have been replaced with plastic ones
Please rest assured that whilst we certainly pack and ship our shirts with plastic collar stays in the collars, that we still include our signature Rhodes & Beckett Metal Collar Stays in the swing tags of all of our shirst and shirt dresses.

If you think that you are missing some stays; please let me know your best postal address and I would be more than happy to post you some spare sets.

2. An extra button on the bottom of each female business shirt? However, there is no buttonhole to place the button. This is the spare button. There is no button hole for this button as it is intended as a spare, should any of your other buttons fall off. This is designed to be ‘tucked into’ your pants or skirt, and not seen.

3.The third buttonhole near the breast area it is so tight that it gapes. Unfortunately, despite our very best efforts, our shirt cannot fit every single person 100% perfectly. As there are many ‘variables’ to a woman’s body shape and build, we do acknowledge that sometimes the button positioning, or the length, or the fit, will not be exactly the same on every single shape.

Please do know that we offer two fits in our ladies shirts: a Slim and a Regular. The button positioning between the two fits is slightly different; so it may be worth your trying.

You can view and try our two fits in all Rhodes & Beckett stores; you can view a list of all of our retail stores online here.

I hope that the above will assist you somewhat and I wish you all the best.

Kindest regards,

Pxxxxxx xxxxxx
Online & Customer Service Manager

e: |



From: LiveChat
Reply-To: Mei Yee Yap
Date: Mon, 12 May 2014 20:24:48 -0400
Subject: New offline message [LC #3254472.N5GH7LL50C]

Your name: Mei Yee Yap
Subject: Feedback on womans business shirts

Hi Rhodes and Beckett Team,

My name is Mei Yee Yap and I’ve been a customer of Rhodes and Beckett for a few years now.

I am a 27 year old woman from a Malaysian background but born and raised in Australia. I am 5’7 tall. I am of a slim build and can only fit into your size 4 business shirts.

A majority of my work wardrobe is from Rhodes and Beckett. I have a Black shirt dress, one white pin stripe shirt, one shirt and one beautiful purple and white striped shirt (always receive comments everytime I wear this shirt).

You had a sale on your website and, I bought a beautiful white pin stripe shirt and a white business shirt from the sale.

I have noticed a few things with the women’s shirt that I thought it would be useful to provide feedback:

1. The metal tabs that keep the collar from been damaged have been replaced with plastic ones

2. An extra button on the bottom of each female business shirt? However, there is no buttonhole to place the button.

3. The third buttonhole near the breast area it is so tight that it gapes.

1. Metal tabs replaced with plastic tabs

When I unpacked the shirt I bought from the online sale. I was disappointed to see the metal tabs – the tabs that keep the collar from being damaged have been replaced with plastic ones!

I love the metal pieces for my collar as it is unique and a classy touch to Rhodes and Beckett. It’s is one of the unique items that separate Rhodes and Beckett from other companies that sell shirts. To be honest the quality of the shirts and the metal tabs makes me want to buy more of your shirts.

I find the shirts are easy to iron and the collar has never been damaged. I’ve never been disappointed with any piece of clothing from Rhodes and Beckett. I was disappointed to find plastic tabs and not metal tabs. I can get a high quality shirt from anywhere, but not every company does metal collar inserts. I still find your shirts great quality that I cannot complain. Would it be possible if I can have 6 metal tabs to place in my Rhodes and Beckett Shirt?

2. Extra button on the bottom of business shirts but no button hole

Why is there an extra button on the bottom of each female business shirt? However, there is no buttonhole to place the button.

Is it possible to place another button after the last button hole has been buttoned? The reason for this request is I tuck my Rhodes and Beckett Shirts into my pants and to be honest its very embarrassing when I always have to readjust myself as I can feel a slight breeze going into my shirt or when I sit down I can see a hole near the bottom of my shirt because there is no buttons left to button up.

As described in the top of this email I am of a slim build and I enjoy wearing your shirts. I enjoy looking professional and classy at work. So I find it embarrassing that I always have to readjust my shirt. Is it possible to place another button after the last button hole has been buttoned? As it seems there is plenty of room to place another button and button hole.

3.The third buttonhole near the breast area it is so tight that it gapes.

The third buttonhole near the breast area it is so tight that it gapes. I have to slightly tug at it so it doesn’t show too much of my bra. Is there a reason why it gapes? I can not wear your size 6 womens business shirt as it is too big for me.

I will continue to purchase Rhodes and Beckett Shirt. I just thought it would be good idea to provide feedback as I’ve been a customer of Rhodes and Beckett for a few years now.

Hope to hear from you soon

Kind Regards

Mei Yee Yap

I must look amazing everyday!

Good evening ladies and gentleman,

Hope you are all well and surviving the week.

This blog is to introduce you to the style that I wear to work. My motto for each morning I wake up is “I must look amazing everyday!”. I even receive compliments from strangers and co-workers on my attire, which makes me feel proud and happy as I aim to look good for myself.

I find clothes make you feel confident and sexy as it reflects your style. The clothes that you wear do not have to be high end clothes from head to toe it’s more about the outfit that you put together to ensure that you feel amazing.

If you are not comfortable in the outfit you are wearing. It is due to the following reasons:

  1. The outfit is not you!
  2. The outfit is not your style!

In short, Do not wear the outfit if you are not comfortable in it. Confidence and sexy can only come from you when you truly believe you look amazing from head to toe.

To the followers that are following my page I am a 5ft 7 inches tall (I’m tall for an asian woman) and is of skinny, athletic build with long legs that help me look taller hehe. I love my high heels!.My style for work is elegant, classy, professional, feminine, ladylike and respectable work attire. I always take pride in how I look everyday. I wear make up everyday for work to just help enhance my natural features.

Today I wore the following outfit (my kitten is a bit camera shy in the photo):Rhodes acces

The below image is just showing you the cufflink I wore with the shirt and the collar protector. I lost one of the metal protectors so I had to substitute it with a plastic one. The collar protectors and cufflinks have it labelled as Rhodes & Beckett. The unique labelling which makes the accessories superb is because other shirt companies don’t have the metal protectors and detailing.Me in rhodes

I hope this post gives you the inspiration to look amazing everyday and have your own unique style. It does not matter what anyone else thinks. Just be confident and sexy in what you wear.

Love Mei


I did not recognize you…

Good evening ladies and gentleman,

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

This was my sporty, comfy outfit today because I assumed I will be having a lazy day and had to help prepare for a friends party. So I chose the below outfit more for comfort and a bit of a sporty look.

sport by 2

This afternoon I had a very interesting comment from my friends parents and relatives (they are my adopted family). The comment they made to me was “I did not recognize you… in the hat”.

I just smiled when they said it. I took it as a compliment and i thought to myself “Do they think i look like a boy in my outfit? hehe.

I assume because  when i see my adopted family they see me as always nicely dressed and rarely see me dressed in my sports, comfy attire. It puts a smile on my face as I feel at times I can be versatile depending on what places I will be attending. I feel i have my own unique style that i feel comfortable, confident and sexy in.

Does anyone else receive the comment “I did not recognize you..” ?. If you do, please feel free to leave a comment. You can write about what happened and how the comment made you feel.

To be honest, I am not the type of person to buy the clothes that are in fashion now. I only buy clothes that I honestly feel confident in and is my style (I’m picky!). Clothes can make you feel confident, sexy and it defines you as a person. So people pick clothes that are you! Don’t buy it just because its in fashion!

It is getting extremely late for me. Need my beauty sleep. I am leaving you all with “The many faces of sporty Mei“. Enjoy!sport by 4

Love Mei xoxo

The $100 bet

Good Evening everyone,

My best friend has made a $100 bet with me that I have till the 1st of October (6 months) to design 10 outfits. If I do not achieve this task by 1st of October then I will lose $100!  If I win this bet, I will win the $100.

To be honest, this bet has come about as I have not had motivation to draw outfits for a while. I have bought plenty of fashion design books, received fashion books as presents and attended fashion illustration classes but have not been practicing in the last few months. Hence, why I am been motivated as I do not want to have regrets, I have to keep remembering my passion in life.

I will not lose this bet! I have already drawn one outfit (just need to do the detailing and add colour to it). 9 more outfits left to draw!. I will be posting updates on my progress. So stay tuned and continue following your passion

The images below are the outfits I drew when I attended the fashion illustration course with the help of my teacher. This will provide me to be more driven, persistent and inspire myself to design more. Thank you to my bestie xoxo



Love Mei xoxo