Colour me in!

Good evening everyone,

Hope you all have been well! Apologies for not blogging in the last few weeks. I was sick for two weeks and the third week was just crazy busy at work due to financial year. The perks of working full time.

Anyways, enough about work. I thought I would share you my new stationery that I bought and I also received new set of pencils from my amazing best friend as a surprise!

I bought these water based markers that have two tips on each side a thin tip and thick tip. It basically is markers and if I want the water effect just place the marker in a bit of water and simply colour in.IMG_4836

My best friend bought me a whole set of colour pencils as a surprise! The current colour pencils I have are just a random bunch of colours. The pencils in the set are:
1. 12 Coloured Artist Pencils
2. 12 Drawing Pencils
3. 12 Watercolour Pencils
4. 12 Charcoal Pencils
5. 12 Metallic Coloured PencilsIMG_4835

I can not wait to try these pencils and markers on the outfits I’ve been drawing!

Stay tuned

Love Mei xoxo