Stay warm!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

About two weeks ago at work i wore casual for the whole week because it was the end of the financial year.

To be honest I thought I would struggle because I have so much work attire but I managed to figure out a different outfit for each day. So I was very impressed with myself 😄

I thought it would be good to share you one of the outfits I wore. Due to the cold weather we have had, I rugged up!!!

I wore the following items to keep me warm:

  1. Pink knit top
  2. Chunky grey scarf
  3. Black leather boots
  4. black trench coat

The outfit shown in the pictures below kept me warm from head to toe with a nice look to it.

I hope you like it!

Love Mei xoxo

P.S. Stay warm!pink top

coat and scarf