The Lady In Black

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

Hope you all had a wonderful week.

Everyday I take the train to work and I honestly enjoy looking at the passengers sense of style and the detail people put in themselves. E.g. Makeup, style of hair, jewellery, handbags, the cufflinks, choice on tie (you get the point).

A lady sitting opposite me has caught my eye and she is wearing a black ribbed knit top over a black jacket, a crochet knee length black skirt (with a black sheet covering below the quads) and leopard print flats whilst wearing the following accessories:
-silver necklace that looks like thin piano keys
-silver ball studs in her earrings
-silver square ring with a black ball in the middle of the square ring
-black and white handbag with a silver chain

Her hair is tied up messily in a bun and her eye makeup reminds me of Cleopatra. The black liquid eyeliner she has applied at the corner of her eye has thick wings flicking into her eye with a bit of mascara to extend her eyelashes and a bit of papua lip balm. Her nails are beautifully, professionally done with a deep purple glossy look without any chips on the nails.

Her sense of style is edgy and rocky but the bun on her hair makes it look a bit classy. I get the feeling she works at Kookai as the ladies in Kookai have a similar style( don’t quote me on this).

Does anyone else do this when they are on the train? Or is it just me?

I have sketched the lady’s outfit for you all to have a visual idea of the outfit. Enjoy the sketches :).

Cleopatra eye makeup


My sketches

Left sketch = The beginning of my 1/2 coloured in sketch:

Right sketch = Final sketch of the “Lady in Black” outfitbefore black and after

I still need more practice in my sketching and colouring in. Practice makes perfect:)

P.S. I was very excited to use my new colour pencils and water based markers! Looking forward to use my colourful stationery for further sketches.

Love Mei xoxo

Yves Saint Laurent (the movie)

Good evening Ladies and Gentleman,

I would highly recommend for everyone to watch the movie Yves Saint Laurent by director Jalil Lespert.

The movie is for any person who loves fashion and wants to see how Yves began his life in the fashion industry with the help of his ex partner and rock for many long years with Pierre Berge (who is still alive). The movie is in French and subtitles in english. I love french movies and the language.

I will not spoil the movie for anyone who is keen to watch it but the movie depicts Yves highs and low of been in the fashion industry and his darkest moments that he struggled with in his life as a young fashion designer.

The movie shows his amazing dresses and outfits that he created that were his most prized possession that made him smile from ear to ear.

The movie has also been approved by Pierre Berge who helped the director allow parts of the film for us fashionistas to be able to see Yves creative drawings and workshop.

So, all you fashionistas and lovers of french movies I would recommend all of you to watch it.

The photos below is an insight of the movie:laurent_large


A photo of a much younger Yves:


Yves Saint Laurent - 40 ans de creation

Here is a photo of Yves and his ex partner Pierre:berge2

Love Mei xx