Happy New Year for 2015! A New Year Means A New Look!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

Hope you are all enjoying the festive season with your friends, loved ones and family.

Thank You to colleagues, friends and family for the beautiful Christmas cards. I love the cards as they all have heartfelt messages from everyone! Also, the image of the card on the front of the card are all so cute! It brings a smile to my face.


The year 2015 is right around the corner! Every time a new year arrives it means a new change for all of us and a New Years resolution that we try to follow through . Do any of you have any changes you wish to make in 2015 or have a New Years resolution? If so, please do share! Would love to hear them :).

I wish to share all of you the change I have made. As previously mentioned in my previous blog, I have been to a lot of weddings in the last 3 months so I kept my hair long. As soon as the weddings were finished I knew that I wanted to cut my hair short. I wanted a change for myself and was over having long hair.

I enjoyed turning up to work with my new haircut and seeing my friends and colleagues without telling them about the new haircut. Best bit was seeing the shock on their faces:). Love surprising friends and colleagues hehe.

Australia Alpoecia Areta Foundation 

The great news is the hair I have cut off (45cm of my hair was cut off) will be donated to Australia Alpoecia Areta Foundation Inc. The hair that is donated to AAAF is purchased by wig manufacturers who makes the hair pieces for medical purposes. I feel that I am doing a good deed by donating my hair.

If you wish to donate your hair to the Australia Alpoecia Areta Foundation here are the following requirements:

  • Hair must be a minimum of 30cm
  • Hair must be clean and dry
  • Hair cannot be permed, colour-treated or highlighted. Temporary colouring or highlights that washout are acceptable
  • Hair that is cut off has to be tied up in rubber bands and be tightly braided. The reason for the tight braids is to ensure that hair will not be loose when been shipped to the manufacturers.

Please refer to the images below of my long hair (My mugshots!):


IMG_6293 11.53.44 am

Now, my new asymmetric haircut (I wanted an edgy haircut):



My before and after haircut (The new me!.. i love it!)


Thank You to my best friend of nearly 10 years and my own personal hairdresser Jess. She has done a fantastic job on my hair that it looks amazing! She is a truly, talented hairdresser that is amazing with haircuts, colours and hair ups. So, if any of you need a hairdresser I would highly recommend her!

Stonewall Rainbow Laces (UK)

Since we are on the topic of charities and good deeds, I bought rainbow laces for a friend of mine that i ordered online from the UK. The rainbow laces signifies support against anti-homophobia. This rainbow lace can only be bought in the UK from the following site: http://www.stonewall.org.uk

Please check out the below images of the rainbow laces on white converse shoes! When I look at the laces it makes me feel happy as it’s rainbow colours!

Also, it has a wonderful meaning as I wish one day that certain people can overlook a persons sexuality and race. A persons sexuality and race does not define who they are! It is more about the persons personality. People that are so ignorant frustrate me so much!. We are all human regardless of our sexuality and race:)


On a positive note! Look at the rainbow laces below! Aren’t they amazing? Go buy Rainbow Laces!


I wish all of you a happy new year and wish that the new year brings all of you everything that you aspire for. I look forward to sharing more of my posts in 2015!

P.S. Look at my new beautiful “Kikki K – Teal 2015 Daily Diary” from my best friend! Love the colour! Love it! Happy New Year! Looking forward to 2015!


Love Mei xoxo

Tiffany Blue Top!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

I wanted to share with all of you  a new tiffany blue blouse I bought from Marcs outlet store (Image of the new top is below)


The tiffany blue blouse is actually listed as a mint top at Marcs. however,when I took the clothing from the rack it reminded me of the tiffany blue. It’s interesting how a colour can remind you of an item or a memory.

Do any of you have a top that you can wear it to work and can dress it down casually with a pair of jeans? If you do, then you are fantastic stylists yourselves!

My Tiffany blue work outfit 

Here is how I wear my new top to work (Images below):

  • Marcs Black Suit Jacket
  • Marcs Mint Top (I call it tiffany blue top)
  • Cue Black Skirt
  • Black Patent Pointy HeelsIMG_6097

I accessorise it with the following simple accessories:
– small stud earrings (wearing the small simple earrings allows people to focus on the clothing you are wearing)
– Fiorelli black and white handbag (I always change my handbag to ensure that it matches or mismatches my outfit)
– DKNY black and white wallet (It matches the handbag)



My Tiffany blue casual outfit

Here is how I wear my new top as a casual approach (Images below):

  • Cotton On Dark blue light cardigan
  • G Star dark denim skinny jeans
  • Marcs Mint top (I call it tiffany blue top)
  • Beige coloured ballet flats ( since the top is such a light colour the beige flats doesn’t make the outfit so harsh it makes the outfit look lighter)


I accessorise it with:

  • Kate Spade black mini bag
  • Simple stud earrings

photo 5

Please feel free to express and share a top that u can wear for work or in the evening or day. Remember it is fun to mix and match your clothes as a work outfit or even a casual outfit. Would love to hear about it or happy for you to post it.

I also wish my followers a Merry Christmas! Enjoy the festive season with your loved ones!


Love Mei xoxo

Wedding season = Yellow Dress

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentleman,

Hope you are all enjoying the wonderful, sunny beautiful weather in Melbourne today!

In the last 9 weeks I have been to 3 weddings! (it’s wedding season!). The great thing is that all 3 weddings were different people that I know of. I was sneakily able to wear one dress to two weddings!

My hair is naturally straight so i thought be nice to pamper myself at the hairdressers and have it curled (Refer to before and after photos below ):IMG_6148

I wore the below bright canary yellow dress (I love this dress as its a bright yellow colour and makes me feel happy):IMG_6158


I wore the yellow dress with the following simple accessories:

  1. Forever New drop earrings
  2. Red Clutch
  3. My nails painted in red
  4. Wittner red patent open toe stilettos
  5. Red Lipstick


As you can tell, I have a lot of red accessories and items. I hope you all enjoy the outfit! Would love to see your outfits that you have worn for weddings this year.

Since we are on the topic of weddings! I want to say thank you to my friends that have invited me to celebrate their special wedding day!. I wish you all the happiness as you start this new chapter in life with your loved one.

Love Mei xoxo

Name your favourite colour and outfit!

Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman,

Hope you are all well, I’ve had a long hiatus due to work commitments. Now I am back!

My question to you today is “What is your favourite colour?”

My favourite colour is red and I am showing you one of my business outfits that I wear to work.

It is a black review dress that hugs my body to accentuate my curves and the dress has a cut out feature above the bust. So the dress looks sexy but stylish.

I accessorise the black dress with the following (Please refer to images below):

  • A red patent belt around my waist (The belt helps accentuate my waist and gives it style). Tip: The belt will only work if you have a waist 
  • Red circle earrings
  • Red patent high heels (I love my high heels especially patent heels)
  • Black jacket to keep warm in the office
  • Nails are painted red




Since you all know my favourite colour! Please feel free to tell me your favourite colour and whether you have a favourite outfit that you wear during the day, evening or work.

Love Mei xoxo