Certificate of Appreciation from Australia Alpoecia Areata Foundation

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

Hope you are having a lovely weekend enjoying the sun and having your time to your self.

Remember my previous post titled “Happy New Year for 2015! A New Year Means A New Look!” dated 31/12/2014 where i chopped my hair off?

Well, It has been two months since I have cut my hair short and donated it to AAAF (Australia Alpoecia Areata Foundation). I sent my hair and my partners relatives hair to AAAF(so AAAF received two long ponytails). I received a “Certificate of Appreciation” from the foundation in the mail.

I feel happy that my hair is going to a great cause that benefits people with Alpoecia Areata.

My long hair before on the left and my current hair on the right. I look like a totally new person:) Love the haircut and love the new me!IMG_6297

Me with my “Certificate of Appreciation from AAAF”. This is such a wonderful foundation 🙂IMG_7058

A close up photo of the “Certificate of Appreciation from AAAF” and a personalised message from the Youth Ambassador.Can you believe it takes roughly 15 ponytails to make 1 wig? That is amazing!IMG_7057

Love Mei xoxo

Mei’s Couture -New Blog Name and Domain Site


Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

I am up tonight on the Mac writing away in my blog and figuring out how to change my domain name. My previous domain https://passionisfashionmei.wordpress.com is no longer active.

I have decided to change the domain and title of my blog to “Mei’s Couture“, the new domain site is https://meicouture.wordpress.com (Please save to your favourites)

I have been wanting to change my blog name for the last few months as i feel it wasn’t me. I finally have a new blog name that I am happy with! Can you believe it? I have been writing on this blog for 10 months!

If you all do not know me, my name is Mei and I am an independent 27 year old woman (turning 28 years old soon). This blog is an outlet for me to use the creative side of my brain.

During the weekdays i take the train to work like everyone else and I see people dressed in corporate attire, young adults dressed to go to uni or young teens dressed in school uniform to gain an education.

I am part of the group dressed in corporate attire. I have a great team that I work well with, plenty of opportunities to climb the corporate ladder, the company treats me well with great incentives and the salary helps pay my bills and allows me to enjoy a comfortable, relaxed lifestyle.

But, the question I ask myself…

Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life? Is this my passion? What opportunity lies ahead for me if I venture to use the left side of my brain more (creative side)? Does anyone feel this way?

In short, this is my opinion (please feel free to disagree)..you should all work in an industry that you are passionate about as it will make you happy and it’s not just about settling into a job that helps pay the bills.


Love Mei xoxo

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Coco Chanel quote from my beautiful friend Ann

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

My beautiful friend Ann provided me this quote that reminded her the way I talked about fashion. It is from Coco Chanel that I wish to share with all of you:

“Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress.
Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future.
Elegance is refusal.

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.

Fashion fades, only style remains the same.

Looks for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress”– Coco Chanel


Speaking of Coco Chanel my partner bought the above book about a year or so ago called Coco Chanel (Author is by Justine Picardie). When you have a chance head to the book store or even go online on to Book Depository you will be able to purchase the book.

It is a well written book that details the life of Coco Chanel when she was a child and the opportunity she gave to females by making timeless designs with her trademark suits, trousers and jerseys for woman, branded perfume, costume jewellery (Think of fake large pearls and glittering gemstones) and the little black dresses (How can we not forget the little black dress which still is a timeless outfit to this day).

At times the book can be a bit sad as she had to go through a lot to be successful. But I guess no ones life is ever perfect, everyone has to go through sad times in their lives to be able to succeed in their life. Remember everyone never give up on your passion! As my partner says to me “If you enjoy what you do, then it will not become work” 

Thank You to Ann for sharing this wonderful quote with me and everyone please buy the book Coco Chanel by Justine Picardie.

Love Mei xoxo

Valentines Day Outfit!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

Happy Valentines Day! I hope you all had a lovely time been spoilt by your Valentine.

I was spoilt by my valentine with beautiful red roses as a nice surprise even though we said no flowers. My valentine calls it “I Love You” flowers and a little love heart chocolate. The love heart chocolate has an amazing phrase that I wish to share with all of you.



“A girl’s most beautiful outfit ever is charisma, the prettiest accessory is smile, and the best pair of heels is confidence”

So, for my Valentine I decided to book at “The Conservatory” at Crown Casino which is buffet food. As this was a Valentines reservation all guests received a glass of Moët Chandon. The buffet contained oysters, lobsters, salmon, mussels, Peking duck, stir fry noodles, curries, roast veggies, salads, ravioli and a lot of desserts to choose from.


As this place is at “Crown Casino” you can’t exactly turn up to to this venue in tracksuit pants and thongs. You would have to be semi formal meaning the men can wear a shirt and jeans (tie is optional), woman can wear nice dress and heels or can wear a nice top and heels (flats is acceptable especially since you will be able to walk up to the buffet and your table with more food).

Now, the question I had for myself was “What Do I Wear?” , as I knew that it was a buffet cuisine and since I eat allot (I really do! Friends always ask where I put it all). I knew I wanted to wear a top that wasn’t too tight and looked a bit loose to hide my food baby (food baby = where you eat so much food you look as you have a baby in your stomach, when it seriously is only the food in your stomach).

This is my Valentine’s Day outfit below it is a very simple outfit. My outfit consists of:
– Marcs Tangerine Shirt (Made out of 71% Viscose, 29% Silk)
– Runaway Secrets Black Magic Pants (These are new! I bought them at a pop up shop. Love them as it is so comfy and accentuates my legs and butt)
– Black pointy patent heels

It is the first time that I have worn the shirt since i bought this shirt when it was on a sale a few months ago. I had to roll up my sleeves as I did not want to have food stains on the sleeves, gave my outfit a more relaxed look and I found by having the sleeves rolled up it allowed air flow into my top as it was a warm night. I did not bother wearing a jacket as it was too warm.IMG_6939

My outfit was accessorised with:

– Lovisa hoop earrings
– Black clutch


A very simple outfit can go a long way for you. As long as you are yourself and comfortable in it you can pull off the outfit with a pair of heels and have a lot of confidence.

To all my followers, I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day! I would love you all to share your Valentines Day outfit or an outfit that would help you hide your food belly!

Love Mei xoxo

Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition 2015

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

I went to the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. The exhibition is in Melbourne till the 8th February 2015 (it commenced on the 17 October 2014).

The exhibition was fantastic! I felt as if i was a kid in a candy store. The exhibition is his creations over 40 years that have been presented on the runway and even outfits that he made for celebrities like Kylie Minogue and Madonna (Think of the conical bra). I would highly recommend you all to attend the exhibition if you have not been.

If you do decide to attend the exhibition, I would highly recommend you buy the video headphone set for $8. There are different rooms that you walk through and are able to see on the video and listen how each room has been an inspiration to Jean Paul Gaultier (You have to return the video headphone set to NGV at the end of of exhibition).

As you walk into the exhibition, remember to look at the artwork on the walls. I love this image below on the wall (it is so captivating). It has the famous stripes that people just relate it to his fashion collections.IMG_6628

This is me in the first room wearing the video headphone set. I have the biggest smile on my face because I am so excited to see the exhibition. You can see images of the outfits behind me with amazing head pieces.IMG_6684

This is the first room of the exhibition, you become so overwhelmed by the outfits but you also become creeped out by the 3D projection on the mannequins. The image below on the left is Jean Paul Gaultier (haute couture designer) speaking to you. Once you are pass the creepiness of the 3D projection you finally are able to see the fine details of the beautiful outfits made.IMG_6712

More striped outfits! So wonderful to see how the outfit flows and looks on the mannequins. In the image below the image on the right you will see feathers. The feathers have been individually hand placed.IMG_6709

Anyone who is a Kylie Minogue fan will enjoy the photo below:IMG_6713

In the “Boudoir Gallery” you will see drawings of Madonnas conical bra. By looking at the sketches below Gaultier created Madonna’s Blonde Ambition Tour. The tour consisted of fetish outfits and eye catching corsets for the dancers and Madonna.IMG_6714

The bear in the case on the left is Gaultier’s teddy bear “Nana” and the photo on the right is an outfit with cone bras. The photo on the left is not that clear but you will notice Gaultier made his first cone shaped breasts out of newsprints for his teddy bear. This is how the cone bras began!IMG_6821

The photos below is one of my favourite outfits in the exhibition. I am amazed by the beauty and detail in the below pink satin outfit.IMG_6716

This outfit looks amazing against the black background especially with the cutouts and of course the cone bras!IMG_6715

The image below is from the video headphones. It is Andreja Pejic in Gaultiers gold metal bodice. Gorgeous!IMG_6738

A moving runaway with more of Gaultiers oufits. An interesting design with the use of Eiffel Tower and Fireworks.IMG_6717

More beautiful and quirky outfits by Gaultier. Love his creativity!IMG_6718

The punk area! How great do these punk outfit looks! Love the mohawk and detail in the outfitsIMG_6822

The next room that i entered is set up as Amsterdam’s Red Light District Room. Each outfit is representing a different “person”. It was hard to take photos due to not much lighting. I noticed the outfits seemed to be a fetish wear especially with the equipment in someone of the mannequins hands and seductive poses.  But, here the photos i could capture, so enjoy and let your imagination run wild! I loved this room!IMG_6719IMG_6829IMG_6721IMG_6720

Gaultiers culture inspired outfits:IMG_6724

I love the below outfit on the right. I think its called Leopard Gown (Too many outfits). It is not a real leopard so do not panic!IMG_6725

The outfit on the right looks so funky with the shield!IMG_6726

Image below of the model wearing the above outfit on the right.

gaultier trib to africa

The below dress is a Native American Inspired Wedding Dress. I am so amazed by the white feathers. Love it!IMG_6723

The below is another one of my favourite outfits called the Celluoid Dress made out of film strips. Even the accessories are made out of film IMG_6722

The images below are his futuristic outfits. He created outfits for the movie “The Fifth Element”IMG_6826

This is the last room in the exhibition. The outfit below is a simple black dress with a train. I love how the back of the dress has the sexy back accessories. Such a stunner!IMG_6729

Outfit on the left was worn by Kylie Minogue. It is a net lace dress with large patterned embroidery and white linen cut outs. The outfit on the right was worn by Beth Ditto from Gossip.IMG_6733

Kylie in the net lace dresskylie net lace dress

Beth Ditto in the Gaultier outfit with Jean Paul Gaultier.jean-paul-gaultier-2_4810884-original-portrait_6col

I love the outfit on the left its so different. The outfit on the right is gorgeous it is a white lace dress. Look at the pattern and detail! I am speechless. Just Wow!IMG_6728

More outfits to seeIMG_6731IMG_6732

Before, you leave the exhibition you can buy gifts for yourself or friend and family from the book shop. I bought the following:

  • Jean Paul Gaultier carry bag
  • Navy blue and red striped iphone 5s phone case
  • White and blue striped iphone 5s phone case


I honestly loved the exhibition it was worth walking two hours around the whole exhibition looking at the detail and the creative outfits he has created for over 40 years.

I admire him as a designer because he pushed the boundaries of fashion by:

  • Been able to change Madonna in a dominatrix in the cone bra outfits
  • Giving females an opportunity to wear outfits that were fun, flirty and sexy and become ferocious in a masculine and androgynous way.
  •  Having  men in corsets and skirts in the 80s that caused so much issue back then
  • Having the thought that garments never had a gender as he struggled with his sexuality (Except for the medieval codpiece and the bra, garments have never had a gender. – Jean Paul Gaultier)
  • For his shows he always used models of all different ages,shapes, sizes and ethnicities (“To conform is to give in – Jean Paul Gaultier)

Jean Paul Gaultier is definitely an amazing designer! I will toast a glass to him! IMG_6735


Love Mei xoxo