Rockstar and Lazy Sunday Outfit!

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentleman,

It is a beautiful day in Melbourne where the sun is beautifully shining. Sunday is usually my day to do boring chores and head to the supermarket. I felt like been a rockstar so I decided to wear the below outfit to head to the supermarket this morning.

My below rockstar outfit consists of:

  • Esprit White T Shirt
  • Black and White Leopard Infinity Scarf
  • Marcs Tan Biker Leather Jacket
  • Levis Dark Blue Denim Jeans
  • Black Leather Ankle Boots with gold studs and buckles
  • Bunny Moustache Necklace


Close up of the bunny moustache necklace:bunny1

Here is a close up image of the ankle boots with gold studs and buckles. I bought these boots from Target and it only cost $20. These boots are very comfy and makes me feel like a rockstar every time I wear it 😀 IMG_7293

If you decide to wear socks with your black boots, please do not wear white socks with the black boots or any black shoes. It is not a good look and reminds me of the days in high school where teenagers are made to wear white socks with black shoes. Please wear black socks with black shoes/boots. IMG_7294

In the afternoon had to do a few errands and noticed the weather is getting slightly warmer. So I decided to wear the below lazy sunday afternoon outfit.

My lazy sunday afternoon outfit consists of:

  • Straw Fedora Hat
  • Cotton On White V Neck T Shirt
  • Guess Light Blue Denim Jeans
  • Wittner Gold Sandals
  • Cotton On Grey Light Cardigan
  • Grey Infinity Scarf
  • Paris Watch NecklaceIMG_7603

I decided to wear the grey infinity scarf just incase I was a bit cold as I had to go to the shopping complex. The air cons in the shopping complex really become really cold and it matches well with my outfit :D.IMG_7604Not to mention, my gold paris watch necklace matches with my gold sandals. I love to match my outfits. I just can’t help it!IMG_7607

photo 4

I hope you are all having a wonderful lazy Sunday and enjoying the sunshine.

Love Mei xoxo

Puffa Vest and Little Black Dress Outfit

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

It was my partners birthday two days ago so we checked in at Sofitel Hotel and went to watch “The Lion King” at the Regent Theatre for her birthday. Took about 10 years for The Lion King to be shown again at the theatre in Melbourne but it was so worth the wait! Not to mention, was great singing along to Hakuna Matata at the theatre heheIMG_7584

I was deciding what outfit to wear when checking into the hotel or if we decided to go for a walk around the CBD to kill time if the room was not ready. I decided to wear the below puffa vest outfit as I wanted a casual but comfy look.

Puffa Vest Outfit

The Puffa Vest Outfit consists of:

  • Oxford Red and White Top
  • Levi’s dark blue denim jeans
  • Cotton On Strut Puffa Black Vest
  • Red Pointy flatsIMG_7548

This vest is new to my wardrobe collection as I really wanted a vest with a faux fur that did not cost too much. I went to Zara, Forever New and Cotton On to compare the prices and designs of puffa vests each store had. At “Zara” and “Forever New” the vests cost $90 each where the Cotton On below vest cost $50 each. The designs were all similar at each store with the faux fur trimmed hood only difference was price (Ended up buying the vest from Cotton On).

My partner bought a dark blue Puffa vest and since we share clothes I can wear the dark blue Puffa vest too an vice versa. The below puffa vest has padding for insulation, keeps you warm and does not cost too much. The vest is not too heavy or chunky, it is easy to squash into your overnight bag too without causing any wear or tear to the vest (I have tested this!).  IMG_7577

The great thing about the vest is that it has the faux fur trimmed hood. IMG_7550

The below image is a close up of my red flats with fake gold beads on a bow tie. I bought these flats a while back from Big W was under $20 very comfy and cute pair of flats.IMG_7554

Little Black Dress with Black & Gold Outfit

As it was getting close to the evening to watch “The Lion King” at the Regent Theatre I wanted to dress up as it was my partners birthday (just an excuse to get dressed up for a special occasion). This Little Black Dress with Black & Gold outfit that I wore to the theatre consists of:

  • Forever New Black Embellished BodyCon Dress (shapes my curves 😀 )
  • Marcs White Blazer with black lining
  • Forever New Black Lila Embellished Platform Heels


The heel height on the below platforms is approximately 13cm and what makes these heels so fabulous is the diamonte feature at the back of the heel. The below images are a close up of the fabulous heels. These heels will dress up any basic outfit. IMG_7562

I accessorised the outfit with a Jo Mercer Black Clutch. I have had this clutch for 10 years and it is a clutch that will not go out of style and is a life saviour for me as it has a lot of space in the clutch and looks elegant with any outfit. I always keep the metal chain inside the clutch as I find it easier to carry the clutch then carry it on my shoulder.IMG_7564

I also accessorised the outfit with the below accessories:

  • Lovisa Black and Gold Bracelet
  • Lovisa Black and Gold Circular drop earrings
  • Black and Gold Panther Ring


The Lovisa bracelet and earrings compliments the outfit as it is simple accessories that is not too chunky and does not overshadow the dress. To be honest, you can never go wrong with black and gold accessories with a black dress :D.

The black and gold panther ring only costs $3, bought it from a garage sale when I was away with partner and friends. My friend says it looks like a Cartier ring. What do you think?IMG_7580

Would love all of you to share your outfits that you wear on a special day or even a casual look.

Love Mei xoxo

Indiana Jones and B.W.G Outfit

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend! I have had a lovely weekend as it was my birthday yesterday. My amazing partner took me to the Melbourne Zoo during the day and to Shoya Japanese Restaurant in the city for a lovely romantic dinner.

I am writing this post to share with you my “Indiana Jones” Outfit that I wore to the zoo and my “B.W.G. (Black, White & Gold) outfit” that I wore to dinner at the Shoya Japanese Restaurant.

My “Indiana Jones” outfit consisted of the following:

  • Brown and white Fedora
  • Brown Faux Leather Bomber Jacket
  • Cotton On White T Shirt
  • Black and white leopard print Infinity Scarf
  • Light blue Guess Denim Jeans
  • Havaianas Traditional Black Thong

I feel I am missing a whip with this outfit to be the full “Indiana Jones”.  In the image on the right I looped the infinity scarf twice around my neck to keep my neck warm. The great thing about this scarf is that its warm and not thin. It is my birthday gift from my partner so it makes more special :).IMG_7426

In the image below on the left I sometimes just left the infinity scarf looped around my neck just once so I don’t get too warm in the sun. In the image on the right my friend bought me a brown and black crossbody mini bag which matches really well with the whole outfit. I wore Lovisa hoop silver hoop earrings with the outfit as well. IMG_7428

In the images below is a close up of the brown and black crossbody mini bag! It is such a handy bag as it is a mini bag that crosses over your body (its detachable) and not bulky. Perfect for an outing to the zoo or even to a festival! Love it!IMG_7406

Speaking of festivals, I went to a festival in Daylesford in my Indiana Jones outfit and saw this awesome dog! Oh wait, the dog is made out of boots :Oboot dog and indiana jones outfit

Back to my topic about the zoo and Indiana Jones outfit. Here are a few images that I took at the Zoo:IMG_7400

In the evening I wore the below “B.W.G. (Black, White and Gold) outfit” for a romantic birthday dinner with my partner.

The “B.W.G. Outfit” consists of:

  • Marcs White Blazer with black lining
  • Guess Marciano Black Bodysuit top with gold chains
  • Runaway Secrets Black Magic Trousers
  • Forever New Phoenix Platform Sandal (Gold Platforms with Turquoise)


The below image on the left is a close up of the Marcs white blazer as I feel the above image did not show the style of the jacket. The image on the right is me attempting to pull a silly face at dinner with a close up image of the white blazer with the black bodysuit top. IMG_7451

The below image is a close up of the Forever New Platform Phoenix Sandal (It is so pretty with the gold and turquoise) on it.IMG_7408

I accessorised the B.W.G. outfit with the below gold clutch as it matches with the platforms and the gold chains in the bodysuit top.IMG_7430

Here are photos of the first four course meal at dinner:IMG_7375

Here is the 2nd four course meal at dinner:IMG_7376

Dessert! (I was so full after this dinner): 11052443_10152681593156121_5084477784138441275_n

I just want to say Thank You to my amazing partner for making my birthday so special!

My partner made my special day perfect. Love you allot!

If it is your birthday in March, I wish you a Happy Birthday! and would love you to share your birthday outfits.

Love Mei xoxo

Quilted Jacket with a lace and pink top

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

As the weather has been having a bit of mood swings in Melbourne! Meaning at times the temperature can reach to 27 degrees and another day it drops to 18 degrees. It becomes quite difficult to decide what to wear to ensure that we don’t catch a cold.

I have put together the below “quilted jacket and lace outfit” that keeps me warm but still a stylish look. The below outfit consists of:

  • Marcs white long sleeve top with lace detailing at the back
  • Zara quilted khaki jacket
  • Light blue Guess Denim Jeans
  • Tan brown boots from Target


Here is a back shot of the lace detail on the Marcs white long sleeve top. My fashion style is very simple but i also enjoy wearing a top that is unique and different. I enjoy wearing this top as it is simple at the back but when you look at the back it has such a delicate lace detail.  IMG_7306

I wore the above outfit with the below tan boots from Target. Yes, it is from Target! Not expensive and very comfy, the heel makes the tan boots very comfy to wear as it is a thick heel and gives you a bit of height. IMG_7315

I accessorised the above outfit with Lovisa hoop silver earrings and a necklace I bought from a pop up shop. What made me buy the below necklace is because it has Audrey Hepburn on the front of the necklace. I love Audrey Hepburn as she has such class and elegance. Also, as you pop open the necklace it is a clock with a mini mirror inside it too!. IMG_7314

Here is a second outfit that I wear with the quilted jacket and pink top to keep me warm.

The second below outfit consists of:

  • Oxford Pink Top
  • Zara quilted khaki jacket
  • Light blue Guess Denim Jeans
  • Tan brown boots from Target
  • Paris Watch Necklacequilted jacket pink

I wear the below paris watch necklace because it makes the outfit more fun. Without the necklace it would make the outfit look dull. photo 4

I hope you all enjoy the above two outfits:)

Love Mei xoxo

The $100 bet has ended! My 10 sketches is complete!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

I have been so busy with work that i have been unable to write on my post.  On a positive note I have a bit of time off from work!.  It means more focus on my blog and be able to share my thoughts with my followers.

Remember the $100 bet that was created last year in May 2014 and I had an extension to sketch 10 outfits till the beginning of March 2015?

I have completed the challenge by 1st of March 2015 and here are my below 10 sketches.

Unfortunately they can not compare to the outfits that are currently appearing at the Paris, Milan and London Fashion Week (A whole month of fashion week! I am in heaven looking at the designs!). Anyways, enjoy the sketches below 😀

Sketch 1: (This sketch below is a very early sketch, I basically was thinking of a collared dress that would be ideal to wear in summer with a key hole at the back of the dress. The keyhole at the back of the dress makes it seem elegant but not too revealing) sketchtwo2014

Sketch 2: (This is a very early sketch I did, I was just drawing in a dress with stripes and different panels. I was experimenting how the line would look against this dress)sketchone2014

Sketch 3: (When I sketched the below design I had an image of a yellow blouse and teal green chino trousers. I wanted a simple top with a pussy bow that can be tied into a bow or left down, worn with a pair of teal green chino trousers and a patent blue belt. Hence why the below sketch has been drawn)IMG_7161

Sketch 4: (This sketch came to my head as I was just playing with sketching stripes and squares on a dress with different panels.  I wanted the dress to look covered up on the front but at the back it would have a nice V shaped slit at the back to make it slightly revealing)IMG_7156

Sketch 5: (The sketch below came to my head as I was thinking of designing a simple sleeveless white blouse with black lining and to be worn with a pencil skirt that would have a slight slit at the front for it can be an evening or work wear with a pair of nice stilettos)IMG_7157

Sketch 6: (I was thinking of a futuristic asian tight dress for the sketch below, It was late when I sketched this because I accidentally started colouring in the collar which I was not suppose to do :P)IMG_7158

Sketch 7: (When I drew this outfit, I was thinking of a camisole top and beige chino trousers that I could wear as a casual look or even to a festival with a hat and a long gold chain necklace)IMG_7159

Sketch 8: (The design for the back of the dress is a tribute to the sparkly design on my ring. I wanted to design a black dress that captured the design of my sparkly ring)IMG_7162

Sketch 9: (The design for this below sketch is because I like stripes and pleated skirts. So I was thinking in my head that the top will be navy blue with white stripes and a bright red skirt. To give it a Parisian look)IMG_7164

Sketch 10: (This below sketch came to my head as I am still aiming for the Parisian colours. Meaning the blouse is Navy blue with white  anchor designs on it and a red pleated skirt. I was on the train and thinking about anchors in my head for some odd reason. Hence why there are anchors for the below sketch):IMG_7166

I hope you all have enjoyed my above 10 sketches!

Love Mei xoxo