Beautiful Blogger Award

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

As I woke up on Saturday morning my phone went “PING” to advise of a notification on WordPress. It was notification from Fashion Trinket advising I have been nominated for a Beautiful Blogger Award. Thank  You for the award Hayley I feel very honoured and grateful to receive this award.


Fashion Trinket is a wonderful blogger that is based in London where she shares her beauty reviews, lifestyle adventures and food reviews. You should definitely have a read of her blog as I enjoy reading her blog.

There are a few rules you have to complete for been nominated the Beautiful Blogger Award.

Beautiful Blogger Award Rules

  • Link to the blogger who took the time to nominate you (see above)
  • List seven random things about yourself. (see below)
  • Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers.
  • Notify the amazing people that you nominated them for the award!

Seven Random Things About Me

1. I do not know how to swim (No Joke!)

2. I use to have very long hair that I donated the long hair to Australia Alpoecia Areata Foundation (A.A.A.F)

3. I met Kirstie Clements (Former Vogue Editor) at a VIP Book Signing

4. My favourite number is 26

5. In my spare time I enjoy watching re runs of TV shows (Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Men At Work, Gossip Girl)

6. I am addicted to the show Made In Chelsea

7. I am a clean freak meaning I can not stand a messy kitchen. If there are pots in the basin I will wash it

Seven Beautiful Creative Bloggers I nominate

1. Vogue Infatuation

2. Chantal and Shekinah

3. At Kokos Place

4. Amour Ashley

5. My Bloggable Day

6. Enamour

7. Sandy N Vogue

Congratulations to the amazing people I nominated!

Love Mei xoxo

Lets Go Shorter!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

For the last month I have been thinking about cutting my hair even shorter. You must be thinking even shorter?? But why??

I wanted to cut my hair short due to the following reasons:

  1. It’s only hair! (Hair grows back, Short hair does not define my gender and sexuality)
  2.  I got bored of my haircut style (Even thought I had the previous haircut for 2 months). I wanted a change for myself (I like to be adventurous and be different)
  3. I wanted to see for myself how I would look in really short hair (To be honest, I love it!)


So here are the images of my previous haircut (My Mugshots!):IMG_7995

Side View of my previous haircut:IMG_8003


My new short haircut:IMG_8002

Side View of my new haircut:IMG_8001

My fiancee says I am the asian doppelgänger version of Sue Perkins (British Comedian). Do you agree or disagree? #twinsies!IMG_8010

Do you think you would ever consider cutting your hair short? If you have ever thought of going shorter with your hair. You should do it! Otherwise that thought will keep on popping up in your head until you do it. (Please Note: With short hair the way to maintain it, is to have your hair cut every 8 weeks)

Thank You to my best friend and amazing hairdresser Jess. Without her amazing hairdressing skills I would not have this wonderful, edgy haircut. Love, Love, Love my new haircut!

Jess did say to me after the haircut was complete that she can’t cut my hair any shorter otherwise she will have to shave off my hair.LOL

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Nominated for “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

I feel very thankful and privileged to be nominated for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”. I wish to thank Mira the amazing fashion blogger for Admirably Legal (Please click on “Admirably Legal” to see her site”). I feel very honoured and is lost for words to receive this nomination. Thank You Mira!


Admirably Legal has wonderful outfits that she wears to the office that has such elegance, class and beauty. Not to mention she is currently running a search for the “Global Fashion Inspiration- For bloggers”. She loves to interact and connect with her followers and promote her fellow bloggers. She is doing amazing work! Go Mira!

When you are nominated for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” there are a few rules to abide by. Here are the below rules:

Very Inspiring Blogger Award, Rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. List the rules and display the award.
  3. Share seven random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate other bloggers, comment on their blogs to notify them that they are now nominated.

7 Random Facts about Me:

1. I do not know how to ride a bicycle (No Joke)

2. I am a professional and qualified hairdresser

3. I am a qualified Real Estate Agent

4. I am the black sheep in my family (the youngest and the rebel)5. I am a Hawthorn supporter for the AFL (Australian Football League) Go the Hawks!

6. I have a pet seal called Snowy….. Snowy is stuffed

7. I have a cat named Watson and he is looking for Sherlock Holmes!

Image below is Snowy the seal with Watson (when he was a tiny kitten!)kitty watson and snowy

The nominees for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award goes to… (Sounds of a a Drum Roll)

1. Chicinite

2. The Classified Chic


4. Bellezamodamagazine

5. Its All About Sonia

Congratulations Nominees! Continue writing and keeping sharing your wonderful ideas and inspiration in your amazing blogs!

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Love Mei xox

VIP Book Signing with Kirstie Clements at Westfield Southland and GIVE AWAY COMP!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. As I am typing this post I am still in shock that I was able to meet Kirstie Clements (former editor of Vogue, Australia Magazine). My fiancee and I attended the book signing event at Westfield, Southland. There was seats but it was only seated for VIP guests. We were both lucky because we were chosen to fill up two front row seats in the VIP area. I was squealing inside me like a little girl.IMG_7906  IMG_7904


Back to the book signing, Kirstie spoke briefly about her career at Vogue starting out as receptionist and working her way up as an Editor. She was at the book signing to promote her latest book called “IMPRESSIVE- How To Have A Stylish Career”. Her latest book with the help of industry insiders is to assist people that want to have a dream job in fashion, how to ask for a pay rise and how do you be noticed and get ahead. One of the advices she made in her speech is  if we wanted to get into the fashion industry. She would not hire employees that would say that their passion is fashion and love clothes (She does not want self proclaimed fashionistas and people that enjoy shopping). She would prefer an employee that loves art, music, books, media, literature and photographer.

After her speech it was time for the book signing. I was really shy but she made me feel comfortable as she asked if I was in fashion. I told her I was not in fashion and that I am in the corporate world but have my own fashion blog. I mentioned to her that I have all her books so she was happy to hear that and I said that its wonderful that she has written this book to assist people that wish to be in fashion as its a great insight for people that have not been in fashion before. She was lovely to speak to and even said that she really wanted to assist people who wish to have a dream job in fashion and glad that she could assist people who needed tips and advice.





Note to myself: I will definitely be getting rid of the silk white blouse as you can see the peek a boob (that means that the shirt is too small for me). So lesson for me and anyone else, if the shirt is too small and has a peek a boob do not buy it. Such an embarrassment! Should have not worn this white silk blouse but did not know it had the peek a boob :(.

As we were VIP guests we received goodie bags containing San Churro chocolate, Nail Polish and Lip gloss from Mecca Maxima, Sparkling WaterIMG_7894


If you wish to read her other books they are titled “Tongue In Chic (Book 1)” and “Vogue Factor (Book 2)”.IMG_7932 (1)

IMG_7934 (1)


Who would like their own copy of Kirstie Clements new book “IMPRESSIVE-How To Have A Stylish Career”?. You are in luck because I have one copy to give away!IMG_7898

Here how to enter, you must do two of the three below options:

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Competition ends 3rd May 2015 (Australian Time) and is open worldwide!

So, what are you waiting for? Start following and liking to have a chance to win Kirstie Clements new book

Winner will be notified via Mei’s Couture WordPress blog, Mei’s Couture Facebook and Mei Couture Instagram

Good luck everyone!

Love Mei xoxo

My Pet Peeve is a Black Belt with Brown Shoes !

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentleman,

As you can all tell from the title of this post my pet peeve is people that wear their outfit with a black belt and brown shoes and vice versa.

Image on the left:

A Black belt with brown shoes = NO

Image on the right:

A Brown belt with black shoes = NO


I work in the corporate section of the CBD and look at everyones business attire. I have seen so many people wear a black belt with brown shoes with their suits. The first thought that comes to my mind when I see this pet peeve is the person must of woken up without the light on and dressed in the dark.

At times I feel like going up to them and say “Please do not wear a black belt with brown shoes! Please wear a plain brown belt with dark brown shoes”

Here are a few of my tips to follow when you think of my pet peeve:

  • Always DO match your belt and shoes. E.g. Black belt with black shoes and Brown belt with brown shoes
  • Your belt and shoes DO NOT have to perfectly match the same shade but do have it consistent
  • DO wear brown socks, beige socks or patterned socks that blend with your trousers and shoes. This will help avoid any contrast between your trousers and shoes.
  • DO NOT wear white socks with black shoes and brown shoes

I am providing these tips because by choosing the incorrect belt with your shoes will easily spoil your look. No matter how beautiful or handsome you look in your outfit.

In the images below you will see the model wearing:

  • Oxford Pink and White Business Shirt
  • Grey Waistcoat
  • White Chino Pants
  • Brown Belt
  • Tan Brown Suede Shoes



A friendly reminder do not wear a black belt with brown shoes

Love Mei xoxo

The movie “Dior and I”

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

I had the pleasure of watching the documentary movie “Dior and I” at the Palace Cinemas last night with my partner. I have been waiting for a week and a half to watch this movie.

As you are aware I am a fashionista and anyone who is into fashion or enjoys designing and making clothes should definitely watch this movie.

The documentary gives you an insight of Raf Simons (Dior Creative Director) first ever Parisian Haute Couture with the help of his right hand long term assistant Pieter Mulier.

The movie gives an amazing behind the scenes look of the seamstresses and tailors of the Dior Atelier that hand made the amazing couture outfits for Raf Simons. The ateliers have so much passion and love for each outfit that they make it is such an eye opener to see.

I will not say any more but here is an image from the movie 🙂

Raf Simons Black and White

Once you have seen the movie let me know what you think of it. Happy to discuss with all of you. Enjoy the movie!


Love Mei xoxo

See my secret for wearing corporate wear!

Good Evening ladies and gentleman,

It’s been a while since I have shared with you some of my corporate outfits. So, here we go!

Outfit 1- Black Blouse with white prints worn with black pencil skirt, black cardigan and red patent heelsIMG_6997

Outfit 1 accessorised with the below Braun Buffel red handbag to match with the red patent heels. The below outfits that are worn with red patent heels are matched with the below Braun Buffel Red Handbag (I am a matching queen)IMG_6161

red bag

Outfit 2 – Floral White Blouse worn with grey trousers and nude patent heels and pink cardigan IMG_7789

Outfit 2A- Floral White Blouse worn with black trousers, red patent heels and red cardiganIMG_7788

Outfit 3 – Pink blouse with grey pencil skirt worn with red cardigan and red patent heelsIMG_7785

Outfit 3A- Pink blouse with grey trousers worn with pink cardigan and nude patent heels. IMG_7015

Outfit 4- Canary Yellow T Shirt with black trousers worn with black blazer and black heelsIMG_7786

I hope you enjoy some of the above corporate outfits. With corporate outfits remember to mix and match with trousers, skirts, cardigans and heels. If you change your outfit with a different item.

Here are my two secrets for wearing corporate wear:

  1. By changing your outfit with a different item. People around the office will think that you are wearing a different outfit. When you are actually wearing the same blouse but with different skirt, trousers and heels
  2. Remember when you wear the one blouse during the week only once! Wear it  again in a fortnights time but with a skirt or trousers.

Love Mei xoxo

Have fun with stripes!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

Hope you are all having a lovely easter! This post today is dedicated to a few of my casual stripe outfits. When I wear an outfit that has stripes I feel a bit like Parisian chic (Sounds cliche but I enjoy been a bit Parisian at times 😀 ). That is how I feel, I wonder if anyone else feels the same?

Outfit 1 = Black and White Stripes

I sometimes wear the below outfit when I am really cold or feel like rugging up. The below outfit consists of:

  • Cotton On Black and White Long Sleeve Top
  • Cotton On Black Puffa Vest
  • Guess Black Jeans
  • Black Loafter flats with gold chains at the front


I accessories the outfit with the following:

  • Lovisa Hoop Earrings
  • Monkey Oracle Necklace
  • Checkered Blue, Purple and Black Scarf



I actually have not worn this scarf before as I could not find an outfit to go with it. So it has been sitting in my closet, but now I am so happy i have put this outfit together to be able to wear this checkered multi coloured scarf.

I find wearing this checkered multi coloured scarf helps break up the black in this outfit and the colours on the scarf gives the outfit a bit more brightness and it matches with the black and white outfit. So, if you wish to break up a black outfit wear a fun scarf with it and make sure it has a bit of the colour that is in your current outfit.

Here is a close up of the scarf, I was trying to pull a funny face cause Im a bit of a cheeky person:)


Outfit 2 = Baby Pink and White Stripes

The below outfit is exactly the same as outfit 1 (Black and White Stripes). Only difference is I am wearing more blue then black.

Outfit 2 consists of:

  • Baby Pink and White V Neck T Shirt
  • Tokito Grey Cardigan
  • Cotton On Dark Blue Puffa Vest
  • Just Jeans Light Blue Jeans
  • Havaianas White Thongs (image on left)
  • Beige flats with gold chains at the front (image on right)

I wanted to show outfit 2 in different footwear for you all to see that the outfit can be worn with flats and thongs.


I accessorised this outfit with the following accessories:

  • Lovisa Hoop Earrings
  • Purple Cat Crossover Bag

A friend of mine bought me the crossover bag and I thought it was really cute. The purple crossover bag is a nice mix with the dark blue and baby pink and white stripe t shirt.


Outfit 3 = Pink and White Stripes Outfit

Outfit 3 is an outfit that I wear when feel like wearing a different jacket for cold weather. Outfit 3 consists of:

  • Cotton On Pink and White Stripes Long Sleeve Top
  • Zara Beige Quilted Jacket
  • Guess light blue Jeans
  • Beige flats with gold chains at the front


I accessorise outfit 3 with:

  • Purple Geeky Glasses
  • Monkey Oracle Necklace
  • Burgundy Red Scarf
  • Red London Crossover BagIMG_7780

The burgundy red scarf was actually in my closet, so thought it is best to bring the scarf out to wear as it is cold and matches with my red London Crossover Bag.

Here is a close up of the Red London Crossover Bag:


The below image is another way you can wear Outfit 3 with a beige light cardigan.


I hope you all enjoy my stripes outfit. So remember have fun with stripes!

Love Mei xoxo