Lets Go Shorter!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

For the last month I have been thinking about cutting my hair even shorter. You must be thinking even shorter?? But why??

I wanted to cut my hair short due to the following reasons:

  1. It’s only hair! (Hair grows back, Short hair does not define my gender and sexuality)
  2.  I got bored of my haircut style (Even thought I had the previous haircut for 2 months). I wanted a change for myself (I like to be adventurous and be different)
  3. I wanted to see for myself how I would look in really short hair (To be honest, I love it!)


So here are the images of my previous haircut (My Mugshots!):IMG_7995

Side View of my previous haircut:IMG_8003


My new short haircut:IMG_8002

Side View of my new haircut:IMG_8001

My fiancee says I am the asian doppelgänger version of Sue Perkins (British Comedian). Do you agree or disagree? #twinsies!IMG_8010

Do you think you would ever consider cutting your hair short? If you have ever thought of going shorter with your hair. You should do it! Otherwise that thought will keep on popping up in your head until you do it. (Please Note: With short hair the way to maintain it, is to have your hair cut every 8 weeks)

Thank You to my best friend and amazing hairdresser Jess. Without her amazing hairdressing skills I would not have this wonderful, edgy haircut. Love, Love, Love my new haircut!

Jess did say to me after the haircut was complete that she can’t cut my hair any shorter otherwise she will have to shave off my hair.LOL

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Love Mei xoxo

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