Eurovision 2015! Who are you voting for? 

Good Morning/Evening  Ladies and Gentleman! 

Its 5:30am in Australia and I am up watching Eurovision! 

Who are you all voting for?

I am voting for Sweden! My top favourite contestants are Sweden, Poland, Russia, Italy and Australia.

To all my followers who are watching Eurovision vote for Australia! 😊 I can not vote for Australia but you lovely people can. Guy Sebastian you are making Australia proud!

Love Mei xoxox 

Trench Coats Are A Statement Piece To Have!

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentleman,

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

Todays post will be about trench coats!

Why should you invest in a trench coat?

1. Trench coat is a statement piece that can make your outfit look very classic for men and woman

2. You can wear flats, boots or heels with a trench coat. For the men you can wear dress shoes with the coat

3. A trench coat can be worn in winter and spring to keep you warm and makes your outfit very chic and handsome.

4. Trench coat can be worn over a dress, work attire, shirt and jeans

Tips before investing in a trench coat

If you wish to invest in a trench coat here are a few of my tips:

1. Invest in a black, beige and navy blue trench coat as it is a very classic look.

2. Invest in coloured trench coats e.g. Red, Magenta, Mustard, Dark Brown, Dark Green as a colour statement piece for your outfit. Only purchase the coloured trench coat if it compliments against your skin tone.

3. If you are unable to afford a Burberry Trench coat that cost approximately $2,500- $3,000 AUD do not worry. You can always go to Zara, Forever New, H&M for one. To be honest no one will be able to tell the difference people will just see it as a lovely trench coat.

4. Always try on a trench coat at the store because you will be able to see if the length of the trench suits you, the shape of the trench against your body and how it looks when you button and place the belt on.

5. Take the time to buy your trench coat as it does take a while to find a trench coat that you really love and can wear quite often.

6. Always dry clean your trench coats!

Here are few of my trench coats that I have been wearing to get me to work. The trench keeps me warm and looks stylish and classic. (All these photos were taken after I finished work so I apologise for looking tired)

1. Zara Beige Trench Coat

I bought this trench when I was in Sydney for a holiday. The main reason I bought it is due to the coat been a light trench that I can wear during winter and spring. It has a belt that ties around the trench to give it a chic look. IMG_8033

2. Karen Millen Black Trench Coat

This is my very first trench coat I bought when I first started working at my current office building. I have had this coat for 5 years and it still looks brand new. It cost me quite a bit but it was worth every cent as it was a reward for myself and I use this coat quite a lot when I go out or even to the office.IMG_8026


3. Karen Millen Beige Trench Coat

Another Karen Millen Trench Coat, do you see a pattern? I have had this trench coat for 4 years, I bought it because the material of the trench is very thick and I thought it would be perfect for very cold winter nights. It has kept me warm and provides a wonderful stylish look. It even has a belt as well



4. Karen Millen Red Trench Coat (I was wearing my blazer under this coat so the coat looks a bit bulky, when it actually isn’t)

I have had this red trench for 3 years and the reason I bought is because I wanted a bright trench as a statement piece and as you all know my favourite colour is red. You can not go wrong with wearing a nice bright red trench coat in winter. You stand out in the crowd but as long as you are warm and you look stylish that is all that matters.IMG_8054

For the men who are considering of investing a trench coat, here are a few images I have taken from the internet to give you an idea of how you will look in a trench coat:

Burberry Short Heritage Trench Coat (The Kensington)



Burberry Mid Length Heritage Trench Coat (The Kensington)



Burberry Long Heritage Trench Coat (The Wiltshire)



Burberry Typographic Print Lining Gabardine Trench Coat



Burberry Typographic Print Lining Gabardine Caban Trench Coat



Burberry Men’s London Slim A Line Trench Coat in brown64b974e9_Burberry-London-mens-slim-a-line-trench-coat-1

I hope this has helped you want to invest in a trench coat

Love Mei


Happy Birthday to Audrey Hepburn

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentleman,

This is a dedication to say Happy Birthday to Audrey Hepburn.

“The Imprint of Miss Hepburn is absolutely, totally present. Like it or not, she will be the most important look of the twentieth century.” – Manolo Blahnik


Love Mei xoxo

Winner of Kirstie Clements- Impressive How To Have A Stylish Career Give Away Competition

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

As promised there is a winner for the amazing book by “Kirstie Clements- Impressive How To Have A Stylish Career Give Away Competition”.


Drum Roll please ….

The winner is Hayley T (Blogger of Fashion Trinket)

Congratulations to Hayley T for the”Kirstie Clements- Impressive How To Have A Stylish Career” book I hope you enjoy reading the book and please share your thoughts and opinion on the book.

Can you kindly email me on with your address details.


Love Mei xoxo