Powerhouse Mueseum NSW- Japanese Folds and Vintage

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

As you all know I was in Sydney to see the Vivid Sydney light festival, whilst in Sydney I also visited the Powerhouse Museum that had a few exhibitions.

The exhibition I visited is called the Japanese folds. Let me know what you think

I love this!!! Deisgned by Issey Miyake(Close up view of each detail)

“I wished to fold the laws of nature, the dignity of life, and the expression of affection into my work” -Akira Yoshizawa -Origami Grandmaster       

Speechless by this image with the use of the shapes! 

Origami Pleats

Lantern-Shaped dress Minaret designed by Issey Miyake

Two- Dimensional Dress designed by Issey Miyake

Folded Kimono with instructions:

Another exhibition showing Collette Dinnigan Unlaced dress

Vintage exhibition – Typewriters!! I love old school typewriters!

Look! A light green typewriter:)

Love Mei xoxo

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