Rocking My New Edgy Haircut!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

As you all know I have been quite ill due to the cold weather but now I am feeling 100% better!

About two weeks ago, It has been 9 weeks since my last haircut. I advised my hairdresser I wanted to go shorter so my hairdresser decided to shave a square panel (number one) on the right side and have it shorter at the back of the hair.

Here is a close up of the shaved panel:


Front and back view of my edgy haircut (lighting is not that good):

punk side back and front

Left and right view of my edgy haircut (lighting is not good):

punk side left and right

Here is a close up photo of my new edgy haircut in better lighting.


So, what do you all think of my new haircut? I love it! I am enjoying rocking my new do!


Love Mei xoxo

Waistcoat Outfit = Snazzy!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

I have been in bed the last few days recovering from the cold. As i am feeling a bit better thought I would share with you my waistcoat outfit that I wear to work.

The waistcoat can be worn by a male or female to work, at black tie events, weddings (a 3 piece suit or tuxedo). It can even be worn with a t shirt as a casual look.

Tips for purchasing a Waistcoat

  • The importance of purchasing a proper fitting waistcoat is the length of the waistcoat. Always go to the store to try on the waistcoat and feel the fabric.
  • When purchasing a waistcoat please remember to buy a waistcoat that fully covers the entire waistband of the trouser and never let any shirt fabric show in between.
  • Trousers must also be sitting on the natural waist

When wearing a Waistcoat

  • The waistcoat is very tailored and is meant to sit very close to the body when worn.
  • I leave the last button of the waistcoat unfastened to allow more room at the hips for movement and sitting
  • At the back of the waistcoat there is an adjustable “cinch” at the back which you can loosen after a big meal or if you had a few too many drinks.

Waistcoat Outfit = Snazzy

My below waistcoat outfit consists of:

  • Rhodes and Beckett White Shirt
  • Grey Waistcoat
  • Marcs Grey Trousers
  • Patent Nude Heels


Hope my tips help you consider buying a waistcoat. It looks quite snazzy! Don’t you think?

Love Mei xoxo

The Parka Jacket = Statement Piece and Puss In Boots Outfit

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

I hope you are all having a lovely week. It is freezing cold in Melbourne with the icy wind blowing in our faces.

I have dedicated this post on my fourth statement piece that you must have! Another statement piece that we should all have is a Parka jacket.

Why you should invest in a Parka Jacket

1. Parka Jacket is a statement piece that can take you from season to season depending on the type of Parka jacket you purchase.

2. Parka Jacket can be worn over a casual top, over sized jumper, t shirt and jeans. Finish the outfit with flats, sneakers or boots.

Tips before investing in a Parka jacket

If you wish to invest in a Parka jacket here are a few of my tips:

1. Invest in a short and long parka jacket as you have two lengths to choose from for your outfit.

2. Invest in different colored Parka Jacket e.g. Khaki, Beige, Black, Dark Blue White, Red

3. Invest in Parka Jacket that have a furry hood or a detachable furry hood

4. Take the time to buy your Parka jacket as it does take a while to find a jacket that you really love and can wear quite often.

4. Always try on a Parka jacket at the store because you will be able to see if there is enough space in the arms area to be able to stretch and move in the jacket. By trying the jacket at the store you can see the shape and style of the Parka jacket against your body and how it looks when you wear it with a t shirt or oversized jumper.

3. Females you can shop at Esprit, Forever New, Zara, Uniqlo for a parka jacket. Males you can shop at Esprit, Uniqlo, Zara and Witchery. So, in short keep shopping for a park jacket at different places till you find the one.

6. Buy different styles of parka jacket meaning the way the jacket is zipped up or the different collar it has. By having various different styles of parka jackets it can help you with different outfits you wear.

7. Always hang up your Parka jackets and store them in the shelf!

Here is a close up of the only parka jacket i bought recently. I only have one parka jacket as it took me ages to find one i would wear over and over.IMG_8847

1. Khaki Parka Jacket with Puss in Boots

My below Khaki Parka Jacket with Puss in Boots outfit consists of:

  1. Pink Knit Top
  2. Esprit Khaki Parka Jacket
  3. Red Woollen scarf which matches the lining of the parka Jacket
  4. Black Jeans
  5. Puss In Boots


The image on the left is me trying on the Parka Jacket at the store. The image on the right is a close up of the lining in the jacket and the furry hoodie.


I feel like an eskimo with the hoodie on!(Look at how furry the hoodie is)


As it is becoming freezing cold in Melbourne I have been wearing my boots alot. The boots are great for working in wet weather (Just remember to spray suede boots with water proof spray to ensure it does not become ruined in the rain.

Here are a few examples of my Puss In Boots Outfits:

  1. Black and Grey Puss in Boots Outfit


The above black and grey puss in boots outfit consists of:

  1. Grey and Black Long Sleeve Top
  2. Black Jacket
  3. Black and Grey Scarf
  4. Black Jeans
  5. Grey Puss in Boots

2. Pink and White Puss in Boots Outfit

The below Pink and White Puss in Boots Outfit consists of:

  1. Pink and White Stripe Top
  2. Grey Cable Knit Scarf
  3. Zara Quilted Jacket
  4. Black Jeans
  5. Grey Puss in Boots

My cat wanted attention so he had to be in the photos:)



I hope you all find these tips useful when buying a parka jacket for yourself. Also go buy some boots!

Love Mei xoxo