Waistcoat Outfit = Snazzy!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

I have been in bed the last few days recovering from the cold. As i am feeling a bit better thought I would share with you my waistcoat outfit that I wear to work.

The waistcoat can be worn by a male or female to work, at black tie events, weddings (a 3 piece suit or tuxedo). It can even be worn with a t shirt as a casual look.

Tips for purchasing a Waistcoat

  • The importance of purchasing a proper fitting waistcoat is the length of the waistcoat. Always go to the store to try on the waistcoat and feel the fabric.
  • When purchasing a waistcoat please remember to buy a waistcoat that fully covers the entire waistband of the trouser and never let any shirt fabric show in between.
  • Trousers must also be sitting on the natural waist

When wearing a Waistcoat

  • The waistcoat is very tailored and is meant to sit very close to the body when worn.
  • I leave the last button of the waistcoat unfastened to allow more room at the hips for movement and sitting
  • At the back of the waistcoat there is an adjustable “cinch” at the back which you can loosen after a big meal or if you had a few too many drinks.

Waistcoat Outfit = Snazzy

My below waistcoat outfit consists of:

  • Rhodes and Beckett White Shirt
  • Grey Waistcoat
  • Marcs Grey Trousers
  • Patent Nude Heels


Hope my tips help you consider buying a waistcoat. It looks quite snazzy! Don’t you think?

Love Mei xoxo

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