David Bowie Exhibition at ACMI Centre

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

How are we all today? Are you all having a lovely weekend?

I wore the following outfit today as it is so cold here. Our cat was meowing alot as he wanted attention. So had to give him cuddles. He does not look too happy in this photo!

My outfit consists of:

  • Zara Orange Red V Neck Jumper
  • Zara Quilted Jacket
  • Levi Dark Blue Denim Jeans
  • Brown ankle Boots
  • Grey Cableknit Scarf
  • Geeky Purple glasses


My weekend started off with an Apple Danish and coffee at Laurent Bakery for breakfast.IMG_8936

Then after breakfast it was off to the ACMI Centre to attend the David Bowie Exhibition. As my fiancée and I were walking in the back streets of the CBD to get to the ACMI Centre we stumbled upon this artwork dedicated to “The Lion King”!.

For anyone walking around the city remember to look up into the building otherwise you will miss these type of wonderful artwork:)IMG_8978

We arrived at the ACMI centre with our tickets and was provided with a map of the exhibition and is provided with a pink/red card to redeem a free David Bowie album for Google Play by entering a code.IMG_8971

Before we entered the exhibition you will see this image of David Bowie! David is in a striped bodysuit for Aladdin Sane Tour 1973 it was designed by Kansai Yamamoto. Kansai is the genius behind David Bowie’s eye popping outfits! IMG_8939

David Bowie also had the following designers design his outfit (These images are from the internet):

  • Alexander McQueen -The Union Jack Coat

mcqueen_Union Jack Coat Design

  • Freddie Burretti- Ice Blue Suit

david blowie blue suit

  • Natasha Korniloff- Pierrott Costume

natasha Korniloff

I was unable to take photos of the costumes, records and images that were at the exhibition as it is forbidden.

I honestly have not listened to any of his music but I just went to see the exhibition as it looked interesting to see where he has his inspiration to write songs, co-design his outfits and his acting performances. I also enjoy attending exhibitions and museums for inspiration

If anyone is in Melbourne and wish to be out and about. I would highly recommend to attend the David Bowie Exhibition at ACMI Centre. Even if you do not listen to David Bowies music it is good to see his interviews and hear his music on the headphones that is provided for free with exhibition.

At the end of the exhibition i always enjoy seeing what is at the gift shops. The gift shop is promoting David Bowie so the shop has David Bowie T Shirts, Mugs, Vinyl Records and David Bowie hardcover and paperback book with images of David Bowie’s life. I saw this pillow at the ACMI Gift shop which i thought is awesome! It is Superman and Batman #LoveWins.  IMG_8977

My day ended with lunch at Shop Ramen in Collingwood!  As today is quite windy a great way to end the day is with a bowl of Ramen. I ordered Korean Doenjang beef brisket ramen that has Kimchi and peanuts and beanshoots in a Korean soy bean paste (Doenjang). It is delicious!


Would love to hear what everyone has been doing on their weekend:)

Love Mei xoxo

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