Danit Peleg – 3D Printed Clothes

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

I have been on a mini break for the last two weeks! I am back!

Since we are in the Year 2015 we rely heavily so much on technology. We see everyone using an Ipad, Kindle and mobile phone at the dinner table or on the train.

The reason I am mentioning about technology is a 3D Printing Machine has now been used by one designer to create clothes and shoes from her home.

I have been recently following the fashion designer Danit Peleg on Instagram and Facebook. Danit has been experimenting and researching new ways of creating fashion using 3D printing for one year as part of her graduate collection. I love new and unique designs and methods to create clothes (It is such an inspiration and eye opener to see).

Here are images to give you an insight into the 3D Printed Collection by Danit Peleg:

The Design:danit19

The Red Liberte Jacket design:danit8

The 3D Printing Machines:danit17

3D Printed Heels created by the 3D Printing Machines:danit18

Cutting and Gluing the 3D Printed Clothes:danit13


The Fabulous End Result:

The image below is the 5 looks she has created with 3D printing. Look at the detail in the dress! It looks as if it is lace and the material even bounces and is flexible it is amazing. I just love it!





Here are a few videos to watch.

  1. This video shows Danit Peleg explaining the 3D Printing Fashion: How she 3D-Printed Clothes at Home”

2. This next video is a by Wall Street Journal providing an insight of what Danit did to produce the above 5 look collection. You can see the models on the runaway in the 5 look collection:

Feel free to follow her on Facebook and Instagram! She is a wonderful, inspirational woman 🙂

Looks like we will be able to create our clothes from home in the near future with the below 3D Printing Machine!


Love Mei xoxo

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